The annual Mount Barker calendar has a wide range of fantastic events catering for everyone's tastes.
Viewing Events - You can navigate to a particular month by clicking or tapping on the navigation bar above. Once on a page, you can jump to another month or simply tap on < and > symbols (either side of the Month title) to move back or forward one month. You can also navigate back to this main Events page in any "Month" page by clicking on/tapping the Events title or the breadcrumb.
Event Overview - A number of big events occur thoughout the year, including our Grapes and Gallops Festival in January, the Porongurp Wine Festival in March, Porongurp Art In the Park over March and April and February to April sees the Taste The Great Southern Festival, culminating in the Graze Mount Barker, three days of progressive wine and food tastings. Through November to April, we have Country Racing at it's best and September to October heralds the Southern Arts and Crafts Trail. Springtime, from late August through to November and the region turns on our famous and fabulous floral extraveganza of wildflowers. We will adding to the events pages as new information is available, so make sure you return to see the updates!
Lodging an Event - Do you wish to lodge an event? You can use the Online Event Lodgement below, or down load, complete and email our Event Lodgment Form (please also attach any event logo/graphic or image) to
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Please read our Event Lodgment Conditions at the bottom of this page before lodging your event.
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Acceptance of your Event submission is subject to our Event  Lodgement Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Event Lodgement Conditions

By lodging an event you agree to the following conditions:
1 - Events are accepted at the complete and incontestable discretion of the Mount Barker Tourist Bureau as administrators of the Mount Barker Visitor Centre.
2 - As volunteers, we cannot guarantee that incomplete submissions will be followed up with the party submitting.
3 - All due care will be taken, but no responsibility will be accepted.
4 - Those submitting events, changes or cancellations must give at least one week's notice.
5 - By submitting an event you give licence and permission to the Mount Barker Visitor Centre representative/s responsible for posting events to use and/or source associated event graphics, logos or images and, if necessary to scale those images as needed.
6 - Commercial events involving attendance by someone selling their good and/or services will not be accepted.
7 - The primary purpose of this website, and the overall content, including events, is to promote tourism in Mount Barker and the immediate locality, being the Shire of Plantagenet. Events meeting all other criteria and outside this area MAY be accepted if they are deemed as contributing to tourism in our area.
8 - Acceptance and publication of an event does NOT guarantee automatic cross promotion on our Facebook page. Such promotion is available to Mount Barker Visitor Centre financial Sponsor and Full Members only.
9 - The Mount Barker Tourist Bureau reserves our right absolutely, to amend these conditions at any time and without notice.
Last updated 01/01/2017
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